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Rental of audio and video equipment for your events

Everything you need to know about sound, video and photo rental

For a lively event, think about providing a professional sound system and video coverage. Whether it is a private reception, a cocktail party, a seminar, a conference or any other event, sound and image contribute greatly to the experience of the participants.

Indeed, what could be worse than a speech that cannot be heard by guests at the back of the room, or a company presentation on a screen that is too small, or music that is not loud enough for a dance party?

This is a complex subject for the uninitiated, but we can help you and offer you all the equipment you need to enhance your DJ, presentations, stage performance or speech. To ensure that we plan the right sound system for your project, we take into account the location of your event, the number of guests expected, the size of the structure or venue and the general layout of the space.

In order to prepare your event as well as possible, we carry out a location scouting before the event, allowing us to take note of the acoustics of the venue and the technical aspects for good video coverage. If you wish, we can also provide technical support throughout your event to make adjustments and changes in configuration according to the different moments of your event and to solve any technical problems. 

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Global offer

Global offer

We propose a complete management of the material part of your project, through a wide and innovative offer adapted to your needs.


Our expertise combines advice and technical mastery: a consultant and a logistician are dedicated to organising your project down to the last detail.


Attention to detail is at the heart of our DNA: through a meticulous approach, we ensure the quality of the material and the finish of your project, so that nothing is left to chance