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Rental of sanitary facilities and toilets for your events

Everything you need to know about bathroom hire

Events can come in all shapes and sizes, from small private gatherings to large public festivals. Depending on the size and duration of the event, the need for sanitary facilities can vary considerably. You need to take into account the number of participants expected, the duration of the event and the activities planned to determine the number and type of sanitary facilities required.

The first type of sanitary facility commonly used for events is the portable sanitary cubicle. These toilets are easy to set up and move around, making them ideal for outdoor events or temporary events such as festivals. Organisers should ensure that there are enough portable toilets to meet the needs of attendees, depending on the number of people present and the duration of the event.

An eco-friendly alternative to sanitary cubicles and more aesthetically pleasing, dry toilets are very often used at festivals but also at corporate events and weddings. Depending on the size of your event and the number of guests expected, it is advisable to plan for a sufficient number of cubicles, or to have them permanently available during your event so that you can regularly clean and empty the drip trays. 

It is of course possible to accompany the two previous sanitary models with portable washbasins. These are fitted with a tap and a water tank so that participants can wash their hands. It is important to ensure that the portable washbasins are regularly supplied with clean water and soap to guarantee participants' hygiene.

For your more upmarket events or hosting a large number of guests, you can opt for sanitary caravans. As well as being aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, these have the advantage of being systematically accompanied by at least one washbasin. It is also possible to dress them up with a skirting to hide their wheels and give them a more prestigious style. 

Finally, for your most luxurious events, made-to-measure indoor sanitary facilities are the most aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. Atawa is able to build a real sanitary area from scratch, consisting of one or more washbasins, urinals and toilets. It is also possible to create separate areas for men and women, separated by partitions.

As you can see,depending on your type of event and your budget, Atawa has a wide range of sanitary facilities on offer. 

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