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Rental of tents, marquees and event structures

Everything you need to know about renting tents, marquees and event structures

Atawa offers a wide range of tents and marquees for rent.

Tent and marquee rental is an ideal solution for organizing an outdoor event. Whether it is for a private reception, a corporate event or a public event, these structures offer great flexibility in terms of size and configuration, thus allowing to adapt to all your needs. Indeed, tents and marquees can be adapted according to the number of guests, the type of event you are organizing and the chosen location. By renting an event structure, you create a unique and original ephemeral space, but you also protect the participants from the weather conditions: sun, rain and wind.

Our offer is declined in different collections according to the desired atmosphere and the occasion of your event.

Our Novelty Collection includes all the new structures in our catalog.

The Nomad Collection is made for you if you want a tent whose appearance evokes travel, escape and disorientation. In the middle of summer, in a sunny region, the Stretch Nomade tent is one of our best sellers. For a greater height under the tent and the possibility of creating an enclosed space, the Bamboo Tent and the Silhouette Tent are also flagship products.

You will find in the Intemporelle Collection, a range of varied tents that will accompany you for all your projects. From the organization of a groundbreaking ceremony under a reception tent, to a product inauguration for a luxury brand under a Crystal Tent.

Our Prestige Collection is composed of custom-made and high-end structures. This collection is made for your private and professional events of exception. Dressed in wood or glass, these structures completely reinvent the classic bi-slope to give way to premium installations. 
The Silhouette Crystal tent is one of the latest arrivals and has already convinced many organizers wishing to have an original reception under the stars. The deck structure (and its wood version) are ideal for premium business events. The latter is one of our most adaptable and flexible structures.

The Under the Stars Collection has been designed for all your most beautiful events taking place during the summer period. 
Our favorite of this collection is the Open Sky Tent. Totally open to the outside, it is an original concept created by Atawa. Combined with chandeliers, a starry sky, or rattan suspensions, it is a real fairy-tale and romantic setting for your event.

Finally, the Insolite Collection has been specially designed for all your most unique and original projects.

Of course, most of our structures can be customized according to your project, notably thanks to the event decoration. It is possible to completely transform a tent by covering the walls with scratch cotton and installing partitions to create distinct spaces. The walls can also be covered with a digital printing process allowing you to transport your event into a specific universe or to put it in your company's colors.

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Global offer

Global offer

We propose a complete management of the material part of your project, through a wide and innovative offer adapted to your needs.


Our expertise combines advice and technical mastery: a consultant and a logistician are dedicated to organising your project down to the last detail.


Attention to detail is at the heart of our DNA: through a meticulous approach, we ensure the quality of the material and the finish of your project, so that nothing is left to chance