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Lighting rental and illumination

Lighting hire for your event 

In organising your event, whether it's a wedding, corporate evening, a concert, or a seminar, lighting is crucial to creating a memorable atmosphere. 

Depending on the type of event, the venue and the desired effect, there are many different lighting techniques. We can advise and support you in choosing the best lighting solution for your event.

Give life to a live concert or a dance party with dynamic lighting made up of light beams, lasers and other animated spotlights that will create a superb play of light. 

If your event takes place in an exceptional setting such as a château, estate or historic monument, a precise lighting scheme is mastered to also emphasise various architectural elements as well as the vegetation. 
Highlight specific features of the venue such as arches, columns, windows and doors, by illuminating them in a way that makes them more visible and impressive. You can also customise the shapes projected onto the façades of your building or onto the fabric of your structure;

We also offer a wide variety of lighting accessories for hire to personalise your event. For a luxurious and elegant reception, the rental of chandeliers Montgolfière or tassel chandeliers are ideal. For a nomadic, country atmosphere, you can opt for bamboo suspended lamps, or the installation of braziers. 

Lighting is an effective way of creating fairy signage and guiding the participants in your event through the various spaces. Photophores, candle holders, high torches... Discover our catalogue and let yourself be inspired. 


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