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Event decoration

Tailor-made event decoration design

We can help you design your bespoke decor. Event decoration allows you to create the set design of your choice from scratch for all your events. See our catalogue for an overview of our unique expertise to bring your inspirations to life. Carpenters, upholsterers, locksmiths and decorators join forces and put their expertise at the service of your desires. 

The sets are designed directly at your event or in our workshops beforehand, depending on the scope of your requirements;

With event decoration, transform your reception tent into a high-end reception venue
Hdecorate the various components of your tent's frame: poles, trusses, roof or walls, with the colour of your choice, or via digital printing. For a tailor-made corporate event, you can, for example, choose to dress one gable of the structure in your company's colour and personalise it with your logo. 

In the woodworkshops, it is also possible to build elements of your made-to-measure decor such as steps, a ceremony aisle, but also decorative accessories such as religious symbols as part of your wedding. 

Event decoration is also a way of transforming and structuring space. It is possible to design made-to-measure partitions to create ephemeral spaces delineated from one another. A made-to-measure cloakroom, luxurious sanitary facilities, a backstage area, everything is possible depending on your event. 

Finally, transform the aesthetics of existing elements using the formwork technique. A basic table can become a buffet with a wood effect, and a light bridge can disappear to blend in completely with the decor of your event;

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