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Crockery and tableware rental

Everything you need to know about tableware hire

Are you organising a cocktail party or a sit-down dinner? Atawa can help you hire crockery for your event;

First of all, it's important to define the theme of your event. Do you want to create a formal or relaxed atmosphere? What is the style of your event? These elements need to be taken into account when selecting crockery, colours and accessories for your tableware. 
Then select the elements of your tableware according to your theme and budget. Make sure the colours and styles work well together. Think about the size of the event: The number of guests will affect the amount of crockery you need. Make sure you have enough crockery for all your guests.

For aformal and elegant gala evening, you can opt for high-end crockery that will impress guests with its finesse and level of detail. The romantic and gilded crockery ranges will go wonderfully with an event of standing. 

For a more informal atmosphere as part of a country wedding, you can choose family-friendly crockery. For example, the country and vintage tableware ranges will immerse your event in a natural, relaxed style, while retaining a touch of elegance and charm. 

Don't hesitate to consult all our themes to create your own mix and match! For example, we love the combination of baroque glasses from the bohemian range, with the line of vintage floral plates, and the gold Marquis champagne flutes from the château range;

Accessories are also an important part of tableware. tablecloths, bougeoirs, table runners, napkins, name tags and knife holders can add a touch of elegance to your event. Tablecloths and table runners should be chosen to match the colour and theme of your event. Napkins can match the colours of your event or be neutral for a more sophisticated touch.

When preparing your event, make sure you have enough crockery for all your guests. To avoid unforeseen problems, it's best to seek the advice of an events professional, such as your caterer. For example, you need to plan for a certain number of extra champagne glasses in case your guests lose or break theirs during the cocktail party. You can find all of Atawa's advice and tips in a complete and accurate checklist. 

Atawa also accompanies you behind the scenes of your dinner, in the kitchens, with all the catering equipment: ovens, dish-warmers, refrigerators, etc.

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